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How do you avoid Common mistakes when drilling through Steel Beams?

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Steel beams are tough to drill when compared to drilling wood or brick, as the material is very hard. Process of drilling tough and hard materials can be challenging as you need to put more effort. The process of drilling through a steel beam can be a challenge and errors can result in costly mistakes. 

Here on this page we are going to provide guidelines to avoid common errors when drilling through steel beams.

Common mistakes to Avoid While drilling Steel Beams

Using wrong drill bits : If you use the wrong drill bits or a broken bits , it may damage the beam of steel. Use an HSS (high-speed) (HSS) drill bit designed specifically for drilling into steel.

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Not Marking the Spot to Drill : Another costly mistake is not marking the drilling spot. Because starting the drilling procedure it is highly recommended to mark the drilling spot on a beam with a marker. Even if you are a experienced worker, we recommend you to mark the area, because we are humans and we usually makes mistakes.

If you do not mark the area you wish to drill , it could cause drilling error like drilling in wrong area or damaging the steel beam by making hole very big .

Insufficiently securing the beam : If you fail to secure the beam may cause it to move or cause vibrating during drilling which could result in the drill bit to crack or create an unfinished hole. straight. Make use of either a clamp, or even a vise for holding the beam of steel securely in its place.

Applying excessive pressure: Using excessive pressure when drilling could cause the drill bit cause damage or break the steel beam. Apply a steady pressure, while letting the bit perform the work. Be careful not to push too hard.

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The absence of lubricant : making use of lubricant could result in an excessive buildup of heat that can cause damage to the drill bit as well as the steel beam. Make use of a lubricant like cutting fluid or oil for cooling the bit, and also reduce friction.

Not checking progress: Not taking the time to monitor your progress could result in a hole which is not straight or too big. Check regularly your progress and ensure that the hole is straight.

Not finishing the hole: Incompletely closing the hole properly could result in sharp edges which can result in injury or damage. Make use of a deburring device or metal file to eliminate sharp edges from the hole.

By following these suggestions by following these tips, you will make sure you don’t fall for common mistakes, and effectively drill a beam of steel. Be sure to take all security precautions, wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and employ appropriate equipment and methods.

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