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10 Best Cordless Drill / Corded Drill Brands in 2024

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For any homeowner or tenant, a cordless drill is just as essential as a hammer or cell phone. A drill or driver is necessary to make any task easier, cleaner, and more polished, whether you’re hanging pictures, assembling furniture, or taking up a new woodworking project.

But not every drill is made equal. The overwhelming amount of alternatives available in home improvement stores and online can quickly overwhelm first-time homeowners or do-it-yourselfers. It can be challenging to determine one’s needs and the appropriate drills to perform them.

Since cordless drills are portable and do not require electrical outlets, they are in high demand and will only become more common.

There are numerous models of these power tools on the market; each made to best suit a particular use case and requirement. But the top All-Round Cordless Drills have long-lasting li-ion batteries, brushless motors, sturdy, ergonomic bodies, changeable chuck sizes, and a money-back guarantee.

Here on this page, we are going to list out all the top drill bands that manufacture both cordless and corded drills. Top-rated drills and best-selling drills come from these brands. So, without further ado, let’s see the famous drill bands in the US.

Best Cordless Drill / Corded Drill Brands 2024

The market is flooded with a wide variety of power drill brands that provide both corded and cordless variants. These players each have distinct areas of emphasis as well as personal strong and weak spots. While some invest in diversity, others hope to draw clients with reasonable prices. Whereas some value adaptability more than durability, others rank it higher.

1) Black & Decker

black decor

Originally a machine shop, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker’s self-titled company rapidly branched out into power tools in 1910. Actually, the first electric handheld drill was patented in 1917 by BLACK+DECKER. In 1961, they released a cordless drill, making them among the first companies to provide cordless instruments for everyday use. BLACK+DECKER is a really inventive brand that has branched out into tools and small appliances for the home, but it doesn’t really cater to pros. Rather, this is a great brand for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners who want a decent tool at a great price.

Although BLACK+DECKER still makes a few corded drills, most of their products run on batteries. They manufacture impact drivers and hammer drills in addition to a large variety of drills and drivers.  Compared to many other models, the guarantee on a BLACK+DECKER drill is comparatively shorter, lasting only one year.

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2) Bosch

bosch drill machine

Another well-known drill brand that is well-liked by consumers is Bosch, which has two distinct power tool lines: blue and green. Professionals should use blue, and do-it-yourselfers should use green. It is said that the blue tools have longer warranties and more torque, power, and battery life.

Among the best power drills on the market, Bosch cordless drills and drivers offer optimum performance and extended runtime. Although this German company is among the best in the drilling business, not all clients can afford its pricey items.

Having a long history of invention and a global presence, Bosch is one of the bigger firms on our list. They have experimented with everything from security systems to thermal plants.

Undeniably one of the Bosch is one of the best brand which manufactures drills. The only issue with them is they are very costly. If you are low on budget, then you can afford these drills. So, look for other drill brands.

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3) DeWalt

dewalt drill

In 1924, Raymond DeWalt established the business that now carries his name. DEWALT quickly expanded into other categories of power tools after starting as merely a manufacturer of saws and other woodworking instruments. Although they still provide a wide range of corded tools, DEWALT is another well-liked brand among serious do-it-yourselfers and experts. The company began producing cordless equipment in the 1990s. The Stanley Black & Decker group owns numerous brands nowadays, including DEWALT. Their power tools, which include drills, come with a three-year warranty.

 DEWALT has a large selection of great corded and cordless drills. The brand also produces impact drivers, hammer drills, angle drills, and drill/drivers of professional grade.

One of the few drawbacks of DEWALT drills is that, unlike other brands, the business does not disclose the torque or turning power of their drills. Rather, they state unit watts out (UWO), which is a torque and speed combined computation.

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4) Makita

 Makita drill

Established in 1915, Makita was initially focused on selling and repairing electric motors. However, in 1958, the firm launched a range of electric planers, which were the first of their kind in Japan, and it changed its direction to power tools. Makita has since concentrated on making power tools for use in professional building. The brand is well-known for producing well-made, enduring instruments that work flawlessly.

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5) Milwaukee

 Milwaukee drill

The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was established in 1924 by A.H. Petersen with the primary goal of providing tool repair services rather than tool manufacturing. Milwaukee, however, has emerged as a significant manufacturer of power tools over the years, best known for its 1951 Sawzall reciprocating saw. Milwaukee was the first firm to offer lithium-ion batteries for tools, and their batteries are notably powerful, have extended runtimes, and recharge quickly. Although Milwaukee still makes corded tools, their primary concentration is on battery power. In addition, they provide a lengthier warranty than most other companies—five years.

Although many homeowners and do-it-yourselfers choose Milwaukee tools because of their strength, dependability, sturdy design, and cutting-edge technology, Milwaukee is geared more toward professional users in the trades or for industrial use than many other brands on our list.

Milwaukee also produces high-quality impact drivers, angle drills, hammer drills, and electric screwdrivers. A Milwaukee drill will cost more than many other brands, but you’ll get professional quality and dependability for that money.

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6) Flex

Flex drill

The colors of the tools become closely associated with their respective manufacturers: from Ryobi’s garish lime green to Bosch’s distinctive gunmetal blue. Flex defies this cliché with a monochromatic appearance and is sold at Lowes. Flex is an established brand that was developed in Germany in the early 1920s, despite the fact that their choice to blend in with the background would make them stand out among more contemporary tool labels. In 2013, the business was purchased by CHEVRON, a conglomerate that also controls battery-powered outdoor equipment giant EGO and power tool brands Skil, Devon, and X-Tron.

One of the best features of this drill series, especially the well-liked ½-inch, 24v Brushless Cordless drill, is the “Turbo Mode,” which boosts speed to match its insane 750 inch-pounds of torque. Reviewers particularly highlight the drill’s metal clutch, limited lifetime guarantee, and practical position of the light. But Flex tools are also notoriously hefty. While this is usually a good indicator of a well-made tool, it’s also something to take into account if the drill will be used on a lengthy job.

Not as well-known as Milwaukee or Mikita, flex tools are pricey, and it might not be easy to justify spending so much money on a brand like that.

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7) Ridgid


Ridgid is a good alternative that is marketed as a brand for professionals and is available at Home Depot and many smaller distributors. Though its online reputation is more low-end, pros frequently highlight other brands that they frequently use on job sites instead of the orange instruments. Although Ridgid promises a lifetime warranty on its equipment and batteries, many consumers claim that getting the firm to honor the warranty is a difficult procedure.

Although the cordless drills from Ridgid are not as powerful as those from competitors, they seem somewhat less well-made due to a few design decisions. The majority of its high-end competitors have metal keyless chucks, while the drill that is most popular at Home Depot has a plastic one. Although the drill’s light is a fantastic idea, the drill’s target isn’t well-illuminated due to its placement. In the meantime, the small clip for an additional bit is another useful feature—in principle, anyway—but in reality, the metal strains easily and renders the holder worthless.

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8) Skil

skil drill

When Edmond Michel founded the American company in 1926 under the name Skilsaw, its first offering was a circular saw, which is still frequently referred to as a Skilsaw today. The business eventually simplified its name to Skil and expanded into a large variety of power tools. In due course, the business started offering professional-grade instruments under the Skilsaw brand and products designed for do-it-yourselfers and homeowners under the Skil name. In 2016, Skil was acquired by Chevron, a Chinese enterprise that owns numerous other tool brands, such as Flex and EGO.

Although saws are still Skil’s most well-known product, the company also produces a wide range of high-quality, reasonably priced drills that, while not as sophisticated as those made by pros, are nonetheless great for use in the garage or around the house. Additionally, Skil produces electric screwdrivers and hammer drills. They offer both corded and cordless variants, although, at the moment, practically all of their products run on batteries. A Skil drill comes with a five-year warranty, which is longer than many other brands.

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9) Craftsman


Originally a Sears Corporation brand, Craftsman was created in 1927 and is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Because of this, Craftsman quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality tools at fair prices for use in the garden and around the house; the company has never sought to be a professional toolmaker. Additionally, Craftsman only offers a 3-year warranty on their drills these days, whereas before, when Sears sold their products, they offered a lifetime warranty. Nevertheless, Craftsman is a good brand to choose if you need a drill for work around the house or for do-it-yourself projects and you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Like most other brands, Craftsman focuses primarily on cordless drills these days. Electric screwdrivers and hammer drills are also produced by the company.

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10) Ryobi


Initially established as the Ryobi Seisakusho Company in 1944, Ryobi specialized in die-cast goods for aircraft and then diversified into automotive parts following the conclusion of World War II. However, the company didn’t start producing power tools until the late 1960s. Techtronic Industries Company (TTI), which currently controls Milwaukee and numerous other tool brands, bought Ryobi’s tool line in the late 1990s. They also produce impact drivers and hammer drills.

Professional users are not Ryobi’s target market. Alternatively, they are a different brand that primarily caters to do-it-yourselfers, homeowners who enjoy performing their maintenance, and other consumers who need a dependable, high-quality instrument at a reasonable price. Although Ryobi drills are available on Amazon and other online retailers, they are mostly sold at Home Depot locations and online. Ryobi offers a three-year warranty on their drills.

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